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Friday, October 28, 2011

I am Poem by Bruce Eisner

I am poem scattering symbols across white page
An autumn wind strewing leaves on a meadow

I am a song in the wind
Sweet melody that plays quiet in mind's background
As a poem I shall make sweet rhyme and bold statements

As song I shall sooth you and make you laugh or cry
As creation I shall skip through that autumn meadow
A child at play in the afternoon
As poem I must present to you my underlying structure
Beyond all this free play must be some form
Form eternal a constellation on a dark clear night
Min-points of light on black

Can you tell me what you are feeling now?
So I can know which way to go
Homeward must be my destination
Ever homeward toward the fusing bliss that lies
Beyond the agony of this life
Yet each movement on the way must be perfect
I am poem and song
I can take you from your everyday world
Make you crazy or maybe even sane

Bruce Eisner
Bruce Eisner' Writings

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