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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hornby Desolate Cliffs in Sunny August

by Bruce Eisner

High cliff above ocean
Province of north country island
Clear day woods filled with life
Me at age fifty
22 years before I sat on bridge in Basel
Speaking intellectual about
Chemical discoveries, history, chemical purity
Purify your mind
Refine matter ever more precisely
Ascending frequencies of light
Each notch with its own recapitulated terrain
Waves of light
Yet few waves in the ocean in this ocean now
Gradients of blue
Go meditate she said
I needed water
Time stretches
Go away I want to be alone
Gazing in her eyes I had felt love in compassion
Suddenly replaced by cold indifference
I wandered away
Some cliffs were high above the water
Others so low you almost could walk to the ocean below
Along the path small kahki packs, shoes, a blue hard plastic water container
Market the spot that my two friends had retreated
Into the woods
Intense experience
I was abandoned once again alone
Hot and dry
Wandering in the desert
The day has duration
Time creeps slowly toward the days ending
Just as everyone has before it
Tabla ever more rapidly
I finally find Rita
She walks past me
Later on a memorial bench
Pointed at the ocean
She talks to me like Hermine in Steppenwolf
Archetypal thoughts penetrate deeply
If I were to speak my love
It would echo into an empty chasm
There is no love here yet I am hungry
A master at many things
I am an innocent in the ways of love and life
Walls everywhere
Amidst the ecstasy of my friends
I find my waves have crashed on desolate rocks
We return to the small cabin
Rita falls asleep
I talk until exhausted
Sleep alone and chaotically dream

August 29, 1998
Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada

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