Tuche & Automaton

Sunday, August 31, 2008


overstepped actor, comic.
lightheaded star,

leave but never go

mind carpet
messy garden
stale blow.

murder. wax.
her sponge bottom.
catastrophic cushions.
lip radish.
still point.

the occasional, dotted, I
(sometimes frayed
sometimes gold)


tongue of sometimes, pump fuck, felt snow
vague tooth
sometimes without

sounds tired.

cig hit
head-knee nod
dawn mud
cuticles bleeding bigger lampshades
slow web, eyelid shuttle
rope-like toe
fence crayon
mob miss
salt mirror - you're beds of this


u fell on me like a rock

honeywell fan blowing / i am feeling heavy. my veins are the color of smoke. sick robot girl, push your own lighted buttons...
ugly crush, grey knowing. the window open: my heart's not right: spumoni
there are no handbells no incense, only loose hair and money to make.
A copy of my soul on the floor. smiling up.


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