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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Winding Gamma Nude

In came the Winding Gamma Nude, a n n n n n n n odd seethe, a blocked drain of a manchild, a pulsing oedema of.... (here even Henry trailed into disinterest; they all hated it - and coughed loudly - whenever the words themselves started to leak sobriety) a nnn nnnn nnnnnd more flecks of fruit per metre than anything Christy had ever seen.

(((((What big eyes you have etc.))))))

The Gamma Nude smiled annnnnnnnnnnd started rolling itself in, hoping to disappear completly my midnight.

"Don't you ever just... relate?" Christy asked.

The Gamma Nude shook his head, the hair grew outwards so quick that before Christy could really get her bearings he had flippd from:

<<<<according to a NELogic>>>>

"You never listen!" yelled Malcolm, already teaming with lice and lichen from his spell in the bush (cue jokes half-heartedly pushed out of Christy on a Bungle Bungle theme) but by then the Winding Gamma Nude was long long long.

Mordant Music - Winding Ourselves Into The Ground

a Yousendit sodluckenfullpip production


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