Tuche & Automaton

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Highway Golf Platform

white mother pupa in the code snake falls
you have taught me to hunt with these prosthetic robotic antlers
swarming with nanotrilobyte hoverkraft plurceptalia
taught me to catch and unwrap the wriggling segmental fever fugue
whose synchrosmonscoptlic undulantern is the way so knotty by the figure
the fugure's future fastening quickens to the arc of falling
kinetic tesselata is the kindergarten dream lesson of your milky mind brilliance mother
but quickly we leave the stylized worlds to enter into your cascading breast platelets

we hear the somber song of your branching head mollusk analog
the cities which hang like fruit in the illusory density of your recording vectors

circle the waves
agony triagadont the jelly paw tastes lily encumbrance technical moon flower sequence
space manta trance dreamer in its robo-surgical sarcophagus time-womb

we are here little hittites, here to utrecht you with allichu pe swa quqare'

tarzan borg yokels masturbate with egg salad tornado column


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