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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Paradox Chimeras

...tangents of remission. Check your

ticket, the predilection of Xs and Os calling template
modesty away from paradox-->chimeras

ooze memory's intent

pursuit black wavelets holiday: salute dim clusters:
please affix each scrutiny to aeroplane lined foreheads

[protean fluid piles amongst pretense. civility acting as threads of separation amnesia. a noon strata neither motley nor the tropical valorized. just add hashish to the outskirts of asexual]

against this dream: wiser lip-synch fangs
grab every metaphor: fluid drones supine lungs:
decorated angles thirty-three arrests: drink
optical metrics: bent liturgy an ozone coldness:

---->lost looking half-spoken which exits

only to find what was never lost


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