Tuche & Automaton

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dadagram #18

Balloons. Naked spindles lying there bleeding profusely from invisible wounds. A headache bathed in treachery is the territory. Lethargy from above failed to report the crime. This venereal world scaled pokes snoring underwear as penance. Halved to prone. A minion transcendence. Peruse revolutionary leaflets and let's evolve together or not at all. Store the money north of the venerable. Atone for the brightness of your teeth. Pure mess survives meat and bone.

Impaled by vapours to the eye lesion. Imperious wrinkles too fine as fists. Multiplied by their haunches. Glazed audiences and free will whorled of some gay labyrinth credits shift welts. Flashing steel to revitalize the slaughter. Morbidly faster than front-page material. Washed two families out to sea in this carnival pasta. Vexed moles forbidden. Concrete wallowing in hiss. Red onions and swelling vomits a year to learn the haste of love and forgiveness.


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