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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

oh to be a duffy, doughty, willoughby or leek

early 1890's
amos doughty of suffolk married virginia duffy of ireland
four sons had they and one named
albert thomas diamond jubilee
born as he was on queen victoria's celebratory year
a half english half irish son of empire
why they moved to london is anybody's guess
maybe they didn't
albert married hilda florence willoughby
to confuse the issue and hide his bloodline
or was it love?
they lived in upton park
and his children
edward, eileen, richard, patrica and maureen
learnt the words and the songs
of ireland
old ireland
bruised and abused and lyrical ireland
and they played with their cousins
the murphys and
the doyles and
the prigans
oh to be a duffy, doughty, willoughby or leek


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