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Monday, October 02, 2006

Multi-Limbed Langtree

"...course, in them days, way backwards, fore even The Deluge and all the wetlands rising and all the...gumpf then we'd often tackle a foray out into the old lands, in those times everything had an E at the end, just for the Americans and the Japs, and headoff to East Coker or Chard, where Mrs. Langtree, then multi-limbed but not yet multi-brained, would be lyin' in a crowd of Rusk and Antiquity, right out there in the margins, her whole house a bed, like the Little Old Lady's Shoe, and you'd hardly be creeping up on her in the garden when all Hell would break loose and you'd find yerself surrounded by hands and fingers, coming at you from all directions, the trees full of pouting lips, the grassstalks, each and evry one, full of tiny cotton genitals, raising their head to the sun. Wild times, wild times..."

from: TSW Interview with Margaret Appleby, FirstDuke, September 1978

Pole - Slow Motion


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