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Sunday, October 01, 2006



A disreputable life's formations.

[bow-wow expedition single-handedly unarmed pregnancies]

Kamandi leads the canine sherpas through the
high bulbous canal of frozen yeti ice watermelons.
Unarmed, they marvel in the drifts of perfect
albino shag, unseen jewelled alchemical ice foetuses
blinking in the gloaming blizzardunes.

[mud can lead a green thumb walking on ice]

A shocked mud-golem stares amazed at its giant
new green thumb, a throbbing succulent passing
fragrance and mutagenic sap into the innocent
trudging glop now just noticing the tell-tall
'izzaktlee' of the slowly spreading radial
fissure mandala.

[squeeze blood out of a big shadow]

A lava tuber is used as a sacrificial pedestal,
red hot iron aztec priest baptising amorphous
flesh cakes in the hissing holy orange slag muck.

[double image flickered and became menacing]

Snidely Whiplash builds a set for a catoptric
bondage scene, eery black leafless trees are used
to great effect.


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