Tuche & Automaton

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


He represents the representation of citation, the citation of representation. In this manner all representation is citation, citing the citation of the representation, which is the conational representation of the citation, the representational citation of the conation. I, on the other hand, represent the representation of conation as the citation of citation, the citing of the citation, the representation of the citation of citation. My mind is a blunderbuss, short-armed and full of pebbles, an excerpt, a mention, a reference extracted from a citation, a conational citation of representation, a blunderbuss without a shove-stick or powder-sac.

One two three four five thousand that’s my pocket comb a gift from my mother for the birthday I never had. Give it here you dirty bastard. Give it here over here you lousy bastard. Here give it here…one two three four five…here. Five four three two one thousand that’s my picket comb gibe it here over there here you crummy bastard…my pocket picket comb…a gift from my birthday for my mother. Give it here you lousy bastard here there here my comb my pocket picket comb here. Gibe it give it here my comb for the birthday I never had. I never had a pocket picket comb one two three four five thousand. Give it here…