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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Kindness and Pity of Good Lady Beltham's Chartreuse Cherry Neuro-Oogle

They thought he was a monster,
but he was the King. ~Daniel Johnston, King Kong

All Manu said is medicine
billions of anonymous human hairs are filling the hotel filter grille
best sleep i've had in years
was sewn into a telescopic butoh-pouch
bait for the sea Rocs
who are all here to feed from the obi
of green phoenixes
these are snot beasts

running wild in the city
hookers are just people who work in factories
where nobody gets laid
in fresh petals
like a tiny live blue crab
to sunbathe

on the radio bed
your white legs
are black legs

if i cut one off
and use it for an earring
it will smart
Christopher Robin

Dung beetles are loping
near the savannah cinema

what crunchy kind of fried monkey
gets into your handroll
tongue is red
in taco
looking for a way to escape
looking like a tentacle
into the abyss

my face is covered in cellos
made of jello
all this a curtain of mangled bone
purring like a polka-dot
so orange

my wings are boiling pearls
as i dive into the emerald city of Lliana
my beak a transparent hologram
whose molecules are words
of angstrom thine motions whose
are tocha, bead blad lethur, and snake
pattern the trouble of pencil upon ivory

live in a tall crystalline android face
and do everything
while telescops
choose aquamobile

this coin
was design

token young rubber
cheap bronze statue
i carried for miles
to your apartment
when you had little johnny trussed up
like a roast
thats a game
big possums play

all the junkies
get turned into a hexahedonic grey
power cube

you will hear
one ugly voice
like drifting wooden

soliton washrag


of King Kong Ninja Clones.


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