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Friday, September 08, 2006

Chopped Nude

"...of course, then the sky was a sea of dead eyes, and there was never going to be a good way to go about it. Whatever he (they) said, I understood that."

She spoke without lifting her eyes. Scar tissue around her mouth made a murk of the last few obscenities, the last few drops wrung out to dry.

"You need me dismembered, even if just a little?"

He nodded. The yellow overcoming the grey.

"I won't taste too good; I've eaten-"

She shut when [removed] came in, not wanting to sound like her sister. All that la tasse est blanche stuff, too hard to handle.

But Beth overhead anyway, was already halfway through smiling as she came in the door.

"You've eaten less than the starver in the basement; if there's fat then it's gristle," she laughed "I'd wonder only if you have the ribs to spare..."

Ash cut the bellyring out of her and threw it to the dogs. Inside, you could see the sac of intestines, rubbing over each other like shy kids at an orgy.

Beth looked surprised but covered it up with a song from Mary Poppins.

The Slits - Earthbeat


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