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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Life upon it, The Murmermaid Burgonet

Wily pleiadeians, ask not
what the Cluniac order can
do for you, but what you
cannily do
for the Clunatic order!


dewy assault..

Filippoem Negroli is
his golden body-afro-
fountain armor

[Golden body-afro Namor, Amor..]


foaming bubbles
around the heraldic
soap empblemps


In the horn of metal "confessional,"
my mentula passed through the grille,
through the mouth of a
twelve bodied floral
grodemon of slag-pounding-

hear I seas..

{framing, framing}

Faun-Framed in Famed Fawnings..

We were riding the thinning
end of cinema scorpeons
through the peach-colored
peach fuzzing at the edge of
clouds, a two-bodied
Coda-codon, a Mmm-odalisque
as reliquary of living bones,
two tongues endlessly enflaming
a wordless knot;

o foaming jousting jester knights
red red dragon knights
wrestling in a velvet cave!

Upon that scarlet kissing, be blessed!

Our clipper ship was
nothing less than a bed,
our flag, the scorpeon's
belly was the television
liquid of aeon's medusan faces,
the masque of the grotesque
like a comforter embroidered
as a Lindisfarnival page knot,
A Book of Kells fluffy sheet
under which our imperfect
formalisms might only
be a thrushing land regulattoast
of lines wavering into omen,
Amen by the chariot bull-tides;
Our washing machine helmets
like crowns of green horses
drowning the groans of
the meat-grinding Chindoguwelt,
(that compost heap of hopes and desires)
the Umwell where so many graph-o-
manes and maidens had drawn water
with fantastically compressed

red hot amorphous dragon tongue knights
burning a cavity of steam
in the cool and endless waters
of haollo'd ethernity,

festive roiling amoeba tent
in an empty plain, something
like a circuit of meaning
and memory...


At 4:54 AM, Blogger Matina said...

What a trip

"two tongues endlessly enflaming
a wordless knot;"

--excellent imagery here!

At 11:52 AM, Blogger phaneronoemikon said...

thx matina.
just goofin'


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