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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Iron 0-LAN-NA of the Jasy Ossetians (with crystal mantis mandibles)

for Sebastian S. Kresge's Bald
Mountain Furred Vagina Collar

u might say that
its giant head appeared
in the opening or blowhole
gnashing its crystalline
mantis mandibles encrusted
with giggling pink furred
mentula-horned cherubs
squirting winged vagina eyeball cannons
somethingas is
those wings come out wet and swept
back in the glory of god
then snap to attention
as the robotic eyeball cameras fly
its like a fog of winged eyeballs in here
two by two the winged vagina eyeball cannons
entered Caligulanoise's Ark
bright shiny android prostitutes playing
musical president heads
I like seeing a gruesome old american president
head when I'm fucking an android squirting
winged analvagina robotic eyeball cannons
towards the blowhole of Terrance Dix'
Giant Head with crystalline Mantis mandibles
or if she was a teenage girl named "Crystal"
her Albino daddy rode a white harley davidson
encrusted with pink furred mentula horned cherubs
with crystalline cherubs or centipede nipplecords
would connect to your forehead where the plugs
go in or reading HEAVY METAL on a winged commode
commonly filling the bowl with glass eyeball chiameras
you could meet Pynchon inside a glass eyeball clock
like the pooltable was black velvet and a world map
made in relief with a thicker pile or into what is
Team Netjets will transport a giant squid and a
gelatinous James T. Kirk Look-alike onto a spinning
table so the surgeon can use a tiny umbrella hooktool
to extract its glass sarcophagus eyeball clocks
with tiny Thomas Pynchon dolls inside with crystalline
mantis mandibles encrusted with luminous tobiko,ne?
More than Ever, The Giant Jesus seen knocking on the UN
building is looking like 5th century Rome was in really
stanky underwear for the rest of the 18th Century 2001
A space Oddyseus would give the Rebel Yell, For a White
Wedding. I can sense the man-made people in here, and for
awhile there were Walruses in tophats playing accordions
as the Zoo-Zeppelin crashed into Eiffel Tower encrusted
with Nude Animal Women with Crystalline Mantis Mandibles
encrusted with James T. Kirk Look-alike Albino
mentula-horned cherubs w/ black velvet tophats.
You can transport a giant sqquid under most tophats
or get lost in the thicker pile surrounding the bigtop
Omphalos tent where the head-juggling android clown
prostitutes with squirting winged analvagina robotic
eyeball cannon blowholes were suddenly assembled
into a Gruesome old President Head with crystalline
mantis mandible-spinnerettes, spiders with tourettes
are crocheting a condom for the moon which has an
exquisite foaming of action figures somehow resembling
Team Netjets delivering a giant squid from the
epileptic Albiontic Albino Foetal Grandmother whale
with crystalline mantis mandibles encrusted with
King Aurthur C. Clark Auroch Cherubs with 18thC Cotton
Candy Powdered Wigs of self-evolving memory cells
The Chrome Taffy Yodelers buttered their impeccahedron
jowls with SPURL, Yokohama blue suede carnation and
imitation goiter jock-strap camera with detachable
and autonrimoouse land-rover with Sistine Chapel
diving bell for totally like signing the get well soon
card for Tim, The Evil Wizard who drove too fast
on an improperly embanked country road in turn of
the Century Dagestan had a whole stilt city of crusty
newspaper houses where Stilt Family Robinsoma
kept their giant squid boiling in a philosophy
often called "diaper smelt" or the Pop-Song
built around the Alans' Chieftan Goar "HOO"
led his followers over the Rhine during the
multi-tribe invasion of Gall in 406, but quickly
joined the Romans, and subsequently played a role
in the internal politics of GHWAULD who were
Net Jets Customers with Alien Parasites looking
like Big Snails wearing Tophats who milked the teats
and Vellys of the dragon men or Candy Napolean
in a biodegradable ideology warp with festering
dowsers encrusted with Sovia hyrtacus,

Hyle It-lure!

Segunda of brown Panda Siesta.
Can you ever know a brown Panda named Jose'?
I think if they Had Charlie Brown Head Toilets
people would buy them for Linus Pauling
Blanket statements cause wrack and Runeyine

Schloss Brunnenburg is a castle in the province
of South Tyrol, in northern Italy. Originally
built circa 1250, it was completely restored by
Boris and Mary de Rachewiltz, who made it their
home in the mid-20th century

Mary de Rachewiltz was the daughter
of the poet Ezra Pound and the violinist
Olga "Bornagasim' under a Bad Barnsign Baby" Rudge.
Pound stayed at the castle in
1958 on his return from America and wrote
the last 6 of his 116 "Cantos" of The Cantos.

Today the castle is not only home to the
Rachewiltz family, but also houses
"The Ezra Pound Centre for Literature"
where students come from all over the world
to study the poet's craft which sounds like
Caraffe or Giraffe and mainly Burning Giraffes
were the main element in the Unfilmed but
suddenly Important Film collaboaration
by Salvador Dali and Harpo Marx
whose ancestor was a Cello.


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