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Friday, July 28, 2006

I/O Pan Fer Loki: Raspberry Interlude

I/O Pan! I/O Pan!

Shimmer gently, my little raspberries...let it never be said that you were eaten easily! In summer's blue molten cooler...mid/night's favourite fruit..bloated and furry, coated in the pollendust of fading summer: too sour to eat, too sad to pick...evil temple of lost, forgotten fruit, a tiny succulent little city abandoned beneath alpine shadow: a christmas tree replanted in the 60s and left to brown and fester...little raspberries pulsing slowly in amongst the brambles, bathed in cats pee rainfall and buried b'neath badger shit and ice-sharpened sunlight...

Raspberry I/O PAN! Red light falls, tired and smokey, from distant stars...red fruit oblivion...furry fruit waiting to be picked...bulbous lichen...sad flakes of vegetable rust scab the tree-limbs above me...backlit by ghostlight from abandoned airports...

Pink, late-summer light. Jupiter twinkles overhead. I/O Pan! Wash your hands; you've been playing in the garden.

Why does everything grow soft and old, and then go?


At 5:29 PM, Blogger saltyfeline said...

love it, all of it. refreshing like a small red tart berry or a small waterway flow ..

At 10:52 PM, Blogger Loki said...

i'll remember this when we next go fruit picking - normally i just point at below minimum wage students from europe and giev the kids advice on the gettysburg address - this will givbe an altogether sweeter tang to Loki family trips...


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