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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Heroes For A Better World

Sefton saw the first blunts of Nuclear War and brushed them off his coat. "I'm not a believer in radiation. It's, um, overrated..."

He thought it would be translucent blue.

A Flash.

IO Pan!

Then, skulled and skinned, Sefton met hisself on the way down, an odd Doppler effect, made pleasant by the thick winds and the teaming curry of spangles raining down on his head.

IO Pan!

It allways goes overto the left; never the right, never the right, never the right...

Sefton took a deep breath, a glottal stop, and waited for the mystery to clear. "I'm still not convinced that you are me or I am you. Something's just not right. This (so called) explosion, all the deafness and depravity, I can't rub the taste off my face that something's, well, wrong about this..."

Sefton Briggs - Trailers And Smunt On The Doubleback Of Merciness


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