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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Do Not Regret The Flowering of Sansonet, Orrilo's Cellular Lameant

And if an arm or hand or leg he lacks,
he sticks it on again, as it were wax.
from Canto [xv], 69, Orlando Furioso,
by Ludovico Ariosto trans. Barbara Reynolds

possessing only typologies
of subject gateways, the
'grifonaquilant' proposes only
a congenial 'sounding' join
(as in 'undsigneigentum' or 'unsaneigentomb')

for the ordering of runes is disputed,
the 'whiteblack' hero also conjoins
to harass the mercurial orrilo


from its overmother
this leak would pursue


the roundling
the prey
the winnow ghost assuming
the 'thoughtstill' pox whose
fury tithes the organelle
is the pearling of gooseflesh

that milk white hand of coqueio ecgonine
is masked in the faceless pollen
of the 'nebenmensch'

sorry waters had gallantly
'bortwinned' the 'gleeking megabird'
floundering up two sisters within
the general 'fumettoi'

some say the 'whole itself'
is an eye, anonymous in its lack of universality
and smoking

and smoking between two skies
where the castle of 'read skeins'
has its breathing
il castello dei destini incrociati

the apartments of the irregular interstice
were all known as 'sad gismonda'

and somehow
by a collective shadow
the 'knight' was visible

taking up its talon'd cup
to breathe in the flames
with its entire face
crunch bang crunch

that complicated emblem
of reconfigureable openings
whose leaves grew crustly
with the woven concatenations
of pupal 'oirizoons'

the meaning
of the singular hair
prefixed and suffixed randomly
through the churning notes
of the burning and precious music
of the heterotic swampland
where the 'UIRUAQKI' lady of the boat crouches
eerily playing her
oud of would...


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