Tuche & Automaton

Monday, July 10, 2006

Cries of Paris

for d'Entommeure

somewhere within the radiating rows
of semaphorists, a magic lantern
made of shadows, signals silence

(beyond the groaning topiary maze of dragonston)

the lensing sigh, cyrillic neptune
black band of stocking - thy

algiz airy pressured sleeps
tongue quiescent psience of sotie

whose children of folly (motley in elk-sedge)
enter the service of the world

who is irritable and sick
whose urine is diagnosed
Doctor Qubit with neck-scar
to reveal
a disease of the brain

which as an allegory, all gory
is something less
than a principle of optics
something more
than a mere yew

a guardian of flame
and a joy upon the state

fen wexed


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