Tuche & Automaton

Monday, July 03, 2006

ca. 2000

Tibia quick
[raise monitor transmitthis robot]
21st century melodrama
about a boy naked Sue

in the backyard swatting erect heliotropes
while mamma looks at sausage
quietly contemplating circumference

--------nice foot these shoes can dance
the zapateo but scuff and transmute into armadillo heads
what used to be silver-gray-----
but now just umber

the system is vacuous as night sky
through a valve
all wild indigo has been drained
out of palm like grape jelly
out of a feeding tube
with torque/quick/ now/
deliver torso through the projector
call it 2006 automation's after-ripening
of car parts in gullet--breathe--

here’s one for the compost
a big one--judging by size
foot 10 shoes lined up
in a row of genocide victims
in Zambia--decompressed
into arboretum--


Kids everywhere are starting to realize it's not Smuckers.


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